Recovery Mode

If your Quirkbot has stopped working and is not being detected anymore, you should enable Recovery Mode. While on Recovery Mode, the Quirkbot should be detectable again, allowing you to upload new code to it.

Enabling Recovery Mode

  1. Make sure Google Chrome is up to date.
  2. Make sure Quirkbot for Chrome is installed and up to date.
  3. Connect your Quirkbot to a working USB port.
  4. Turn your Quirkbot ON.
  5. Using a jumper wire, quickly connect the Reset Pin (↺) to the Right Eye (Quirkbot’s perspective).
  6. The the two Mouth LEDs should blink, confirming you have enabled Recovery Mode.
  7. Your Quirkbot should now be detectable again, allowing you to upload programs.

If your Quirkbot is still not detected even on Recovery Mode, please try to use a different USB cable and a different USB port. If the problem persists, please make bug report on the forum.

Resetting to the factory program

To re-upload the original program that your Quirkbot came with, click on the button bellow.